May 242011

I have now coded out the FarmFreshSanDiego website. We also had a meeting with the company CEOs to great success. They loved the look of the site and are grateful for the work that we have done. We have multiple pages laid out and design – Take A Look!

We will continue on through the summer working on moving their site over to WordPress and mocking up the custom theme.

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Feb 062011

What will be the main purpose for the site? (info., sales, call our office, etc)

What is your field of business and activities you involved?

What feeling or message do you want the site to have?

What will site viewers be using the site to achieve?

What are some adjectives to describe how you want the feel to be?

What is the most important part of your website that you want to change or improve?

Do you wish to make frequent updates to the site?

What is the main demographic of the visitors of your site?

What section of the site is most important in your eyes?

What is the best element would you like to show in your website as a department of Mat?

Will you be providing content and images for the site?

What are some things about the current site that you like/love?

What are some things about the current site that you do not like / hate?

What things would you like to retain from the current site?

What things would you like to definitely not keep from the current site?

What specific things do you want to add as new content?

Do you have a site map from existing site and plane for development of your new website?

Would you be for or opposed to having your site reflect the new style of the school website?

What are some things about the current site that should be improved upon?

Are they any color schemes that you would prefer or would most definitely not prefer?

Describe the people who will be using your site.

Are there any sites that you admire and would like your site to emulate?

Are there any artists that you like and would want your site to emulate?

What will the bulk of your content be? (text, images, videos, etc.?)

Overall, what is your favorite website?

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